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19 gennaio, 2012

Archlinux pacman upgrade troubles

If you experience some problems when running

pacman -Syu


errore: impossibile eseguire l'operazione richiesta (impossibile soddisfare le dipendenze)
:: package-query: richiede pacman<3.6
:: pacman-color: richiede pacman<3.6
:: pyalpm: richiede pacman<3.6

Try this:

pacman -Sy --needed pacman-color pyalpm package-query

choose "n" when archlinux asks for upgrade the packages.

Then, Arch will try to upgrade other packets (and pacman-4 is among them).

At the end of the process, you will have pacman 4.
At this point, probably you experience another problem: the packages now are signed and not recognized by archlinux because you've not the public keys of developers.
If this is your situation, you can fix this problem following this doc:


Or this (in italian)


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